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(*1994, Oberwart)

John Petschinger´s work is characterized not only by its vibrant color palette and expressive design. As an artist living and working in Austria, Petschinger has developed his approach, where he combines multiple kinds of contrasts within different series of works. His paintings often arise on metal plates, that serve as a base and are complemented by the combination of collages, acrylic paints, and resin. The layering of these components enhances the visual and deep impact of the colorful or monochromatic representations.

In addition to painting, Petschinger also dedicates himself to other media such as photography, in which he further develops his views and thoughts and consciously breaks his creative process while painting.

The recurring floral element functions equally as a signature-like trademark and runs like a red thread through Petschinger's work.

It stands in an exciting contrast to the otherwise expressive-abstract world of the artist's images and gives his works an additional narrative dimension. Thus, it acts as a central element, weaving together not only the artist's personal connection to his mother, but also symbolizing the beauty and transience of life, which connects everything, as he says. The floral element however holds almost no symbolic power in his work; rather, it testifies to the origin of his work.



  • "for some it would be easier to just look at the flowers" - Galerie Gerald Hartinger, Vienna 

  • "FERTILIZED” - Landesgalerie Burgenland, Eisenstadt


  • Art Austria Fair, Salzburg

  • Art at the Park, Vienna

  • Groupshow - Galerie Lachenmann, Konstanz

  • Groupshow - Galerie Lachenmann, Frankfurt

  • Groupshow, BAODT, Munich


  • Soloshow, "You Are Like A Flower" / Museum Schloss Tabor, Neuhaus am Klausenbach

  • Soloshow, "Flowers for Mum" / Galerie Gerald Hartinger, Vienna

  • Bucherer Collection, Vienna

  • Art Austria / MQ Vienna, Vienna

  • Groupshow / Gallery Gerald Hartinger, Velden

  • Art at the Park Hyatt, Vienna


  • Groupshow, BAODT, Hamburg

  • Groupshow Kitzbühel  / Galerie Gerald Hartinger, Vienna 

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